Desert Valley Christian School

1200 N. Santa Rosa Avenue
Tucson, AZ, 85712-4750

Tuition Information and Fees
Updated: Jun 12, 2017

Our tuition is based on a schedule of 10 payments a school year.

We also accept IBE & AAA Scholarships:

We also participate in the Arizona State Tax Scholarship.  We invite school families and friends to participate.  Please ask our teachers for information.  Click on the following site to download a brochure and find out more information about the program:

A discount of 5% will be given if the account is paid in full, at the time of registration.

There is also an SDA credit card available for families through Wakovia.  Contact Jack Hanson with further questions.

For any additional information about our tuition, see page 13-14 in the Student Handbook.