Desert Valley Christian School

1200 N. Santa Rosa Avenue
Tucson, AZ, 85712-4750


We are a private accredited multi-grade elementary school. We provide our students an educational climate that is academically excellent and unashamedly Christian. Our faculty and staff guide students through a methodical process of learning that focuses on core knowledge enriched with art, music, technology, and physical education.

At the heart of Desert Valley are faculty, church members, students, and parents who have a deep and abiding love for this school. This is what makes us so special.

We are Desert Valley Christian School. We invite you to come see our heart. Desert Valley Christian School focuses on holistic growth and development. In this regard we want our students to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially. Because we take this approach, it is important we evaluate growth holistically. 



Spiritual growth happens in community by connecting with God, self, and others. One cannot fully understand Jesus and His teachings without actively putting His teachings into practice. The Growing Disciples inventory allows us to monitor our students growth in connecting with God, self, and others, understanding Jesus and His teachings, engaging in mission, and living in community.



To measure academic growth, DVCS relies on the Iowa Assessment, which is a rigorously validated measure of student growth and achievement across a continuum of next generation learning standards.



Students are better able to grow spiritually and mentally when they enjoy good physical health and are a part of healthy relationships. 


Our Mission...

Within a safe, attractive environment, DVCS works with parents to nurture children’s love of Christ, by modeling a Christ centered lifestyle, teaching children to think critically, and empowering them to love and serve others.

P.O. Box for mailing:  P.O. Box 13868, Tucson, AZ   85732-3868

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