Desert Valley Christian School

Soaring with Jesus

COVID-19 Info for Parents, Students

Updated: March 25, 2020


Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for your patience as we teachers learn how to teach through distance learning. We need all parents to fill out the DVCS info survey at the top right. This will help us plan activities and know when and what is the best way to reach out to your children.

All of our teachers have already tried to send emails, texts and some calls to our school families. Please check your spam box for any missed emails. You may make contact with us if we have missed you somehow or if you have questions or concerns.

In an effort to keep some sort of attendance, as it is still needed to verify school days and scholarship eligibility, click on the very top right button every day and complete that survey.

Students in grades 5-8 need to check their email address for any assignments and communications from their teachers. If you have any questions concerning login, password, or technical issues you may contact Mr. Kristensen or Mr. Edwards by cell, text or email.


Art work by: Adam Sameniego